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JavaScript has been around a pretty good long time, and has been getting much better over time. Because it’s the only dynamic programming language supported by most browsers, it’s an essential language for web development. It was named JavaScript to take advantage of Java’s popularity at the time, although it is in no way at all related to Java. Later it was renamed EcmaScript, but colloquially it’s still called JavaScript. These talks covering a ton of JavaScript topics are a good place to start.

ES6 has just come out, bringing with it a lot of changes to syntax and execution, most of them very timely. Check out this ES6 cheatsheet which acts as a good intro to changes from ES5.

Here’s a good beginner’s guide to putting together a JavaScript study plan.

There’s a lot of stuff below. To help you contextualize these tools, check out this survey of which front-end tools developers are using in 2016.

Tutorials and guides to get you started with JavaScript

Articles, cheatsheets, documentation

Current concepts

Events, callbacks, and Promises

Great libraries to know



Great library that dramatically extends basic array, collection, etc functionality so you don’t have to write your own every time. Production-level library that’s widely used.

data visualization libraries



Writing tests for JavaScript

Free stuff

Lots of people give away small bits of code for free. This is a super amazing place to start looking at that stuff: Codyhouse, a place for free tiny JS, HTML & CSS things.