Non-JavaScript front-end frameworks

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Check out this great roadmap: “From Zero to Front-end Hero, Part 2” (Part 1 is for HTML&CSS).

Learn and use Github Pages to host your pages and sites: essentially a free, hosted, live version of your front-end repositories.


Jekyll is an amazing, lightweight front-end framework for organizing and generating files and partials. It’s got great documentation and was created by a Github founder. It’s an awesome solution for rolling your own blog or small personal site, and can be hosted for free on Github’s gh-pages.


Bootstrap is a super important front-end CSS & JS library developed and used by Twitter. Stylistically it brings you the look and feel of a professional product, and tons of people use it. Luckily, their documentation is really excellent.


Material design is a concept developed by Google, which then developed into Materialize, a CSS & JS library, currently gaining hugely in popularity and competing with Bootstrap. The documentation is almost as good as Bootstrap’s.