General Computer Science

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There’s some great resources on fundamentals below. Aside from that, be sure to check out our algorithms and data structures pages, which are also essential computer science concepts.

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Some of these resources below, like this great look at the AI revolution, are heavy on concepts and light on code. Others are great introductions.

Read this great set of tips on learning to code that the author claims (and I agree!) can save you years of misplaced effort.

But things are not always serious… languages can be kind of ridiculous, you can find yourself reading all the wrong books, or possibly even abandoning it all for the arts. But if you stay, we have cats.

Free Computer science courses

Books covering fundamentals

Object Oriented Programming basics

A vast percentage of web development is done with object-oriented languages, including JavaScript. Get very comfortable with how OOP (object-oriented programming) handles concepts and processes.

Functional Programming basics

More great general resources